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Warning: Current build untested on Linux.

Furcadia is a game created by Dragon's Eye Productions. Its a 2d isometric MMOG. Visit for more information.

Furcadia Framework is a RAD, or Rapid Application Development, library for third party developers. Developed in .NET it can be used with any .NET language (c#,,cpp,boo,etc). Intended for use on multiple platforms.

See this Lib in action Here

  • A easy class (NetProxy) to make your very own Proxy/Bot Program.
    • So easy a caveman can do it! NetProxy my_proxy = new NetProxy(); Then call my_proxy.Connect(); If you want to capture data then use the my_proxy.ClientData or my_proxy.ServerData;
  • Creating your very own Pounce-like program with PounceConnection.
    • Easy as PounceConnection my_pounce = new PounceConnection("Friend","AnotherFriend","AndAnother",YourPopular"); Then calling my_pounce.Connect();
  • Want to make a Fox Editor? With Furcadia.Drawing you can!
  • Some extras like Furcadia.Util.Host gets the Furcadia server host. Furcadia.IO.Paths for easy Furcadia User folder access.

Prerequisites (Things you need on your computer)
  • For Windows Users
    • NET 4.0 Full
  • For Non-Windows Users (Untested)
    • Mono (Choose your Operating System)

Thank Yous!
Many thanks go out to Kylix (Familiarizing me with System.Net and His intimate knowledge of Furcadia image fomats.), Dream Dancer (Bug Hunter extraordinaire!), Lothus Marque (Delphi geek, but helper nevertheless.), Artex (A human operating system. 1tb RAM, 5.0thz Processor), Squizzle For starting this well thought out project and passing the torch on, and DEP for providing your server protocol to nerds like us. (If we missed anyone let me know and we will add you asap.)

  • Cross-Platform debugging.
  • Silver Monkey An attempt to bring a Dragon Speak like scripting language into the Furcadia Bot World. Now in development
  • Complete documentation.

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