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Note: If you want to post suggestions please remember that Furcadia Framework is a project aiming at being middleware.  It is not a standalone bot or proxy, however, it helps make those programs easier to develop.  So please keep that in mind when you suggest specific components that fall outside the scope of this project.

old school proxy.ini to be reworked

first post: Gerolkae wrote: Squizzle Thanks for your work helping with the Proxy.ini bypass wit...

CodePlex Source Control

first post: MadKat wrote: I would highly recommend getting the source code into the CodePlex ...

latest post: Gerolkae wrote: If You're still interested.. I'll Add ya to the project team

Wish List

first post: Calib wrote: Here's a few ideas on things that could be nice to add... add your ...

latest post: Gerolkae wrote: How about a DS to 7 or 6 instruction code interpeter

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